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3 years — average contract duration

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A full service communications agency:
PR, digital and SMM for IT companies.

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We provide services in PR, digital, and marketing. We can and love to solve unconventional and non-trivial cases and will offer you the way which will work.

Comprehensive PR Service

You need it to:

  • Create or correct your positioning
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Accelerate the product advancement along the sales funnel
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Bring a new product to the market
  • Synchronize promotion and sales
Anti-crisis Communications

You need it to:

  • Maintain a positive brand reputation in a crisis situation when everything seems to be against you
  • Prevent a wave of public negativity
  • Manage communications during a crisis, reduce the degree of tension in society
  • Create an individual anti-crisis folder that will help you out when a crisis occurs
Digital Marketing

You need it to:

  • Generate web traffic through efficient channels
  • Generate demand and drive sales process on each stage of the funnel
  • Optimize budget for promotional activities
  • Enable various sales support mechanics
  • Run campaigns on a tight budget
Content Marketing

You need it to:

  • Educate and urge the need in a product or category
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase conversion to sales and propensity of cross- and up-sale
  • Establish a direct and regular communication channel with the buyers
Influencer Marketing

You need it to:

  • Increase awareness about a brand, category, or product
  • Generate demand
  • Generate web traffic
  • Increase customer loyalty
Creative, design, video production

You need it to:

  • implement a campaign on a limited budget
  • create a unique visual image of a company or product
  • increase audience engagement
  • differ advantageously from competitors
  • change or update your visual image