How to get 140% result in a regular seasonal PR campaign

How to get 140% result in a regular seasonal PR campaign


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We tell you how a fresh approach to communicating the value of a product in a specific period of time helped to exceed the plan.


Dreame Technology – a Chinese manufacturer of household appliances specializing in high-tech vacuum cleaners.


To draw attention to Dreame products and stimulate sales during the school rush – Back to school.

Back to school marketing (B2S) – strengthening sales during the preparation season for the academic year. At this time, consumer activity grows naturally, and the market stimulates the consumer in every possible way. Moreover, this applies not only to the office and school uniforms. Today, B2S campaigns are launched for almost any product category.

The period of implementation of the PR campaign: August-September 2023.


Our task was simple and clear: to attract the attention of parents to Dreamer products. The main problem was the following: how can I tell an audience, often technically savvy, about Dreame vacuum cleaners in order to draw their attention to a product with a sufficiently high price tag?

And that’s the way we went:

  1. We have clearly identified the target audience and identified their main pains: problems and issues that concern parents at the beginning of the year.
  2. We have found the intersection points of the pain of the target audience and the tasks that are solved using the Dreame technique. On this basis, we have chosen themes and formats for useful content.
  3. We picked up sites, wrote articles, added gamification elements to attract more attention and launched a strategy.

1. Who were we aiming at

The campaign’s calculation was, of course, for parents who are preparing for the new school season with a twitching eye and whom we could help to get through this time a little more comfortably. 

What are the features of Central Asia in this particular period that we have identified as key:

2. Intersection points and a fresh look at B2S

As a rule, in materials dedicated to the school season, attention is focused on the useful functions of products that may be useful to a child. But, first of all, our target audience is parents, not children. Secondly, they have so many headaches right now…

We need to make their lives easier, give them something useful here and now, and sow interest in Dreame on this fertile ground.

As a result, we decided to offer our target audience a number of information materials that, on the one hand, talked about how to optimize household chores, on the other hand, concerned children, caring for them or their upbringing: how to maintain order in the nursery, how to teach a child to do cleaning, etc. We supplemented this with a block of posts and articles of an informative and entertaining nature (for example, about the evolution of a vacuum cleaner) so that «our» parents could afford a moment of rest, and moved on to implementation.

3. Publishing content

We have chosen the format of educational and educational articles for the media, and engaging gamified posts for Telegram. We carefully embedded information about Dreame products in the relevant materials for Central Asia.


The implementation phase lasted a little less than a month. During this period, we have released 12 materials in the media and social networks. A fresh look at the annual project and a different approach to submitting materials worked – we exceeded the plan by 40%.

And most importantly, accurately getting into the relevance of the topics for our audience helped to increase interest in the product. We made this conclusion based on the dynamics of queries in Wordstat.

At the same time, if you look at the statistics by month, you can see that the popularity of requests for Dreame in September is only slightly inferior to the demand in December – during the hottest, New Year’s Eve season. And the share among all other Yandex requests is even higher.


In this case, our formula for success was:

And, of course, a strategic decision to reconsider the standard approaches to conventional stimulation during the B2S period.

Olga Kharitonova, account manager of the project:

«Coverage and reading plans are calculated based on averages for selected sites. This overfulfilling of them means only one thing: our articles went better than others. Because we got into the heart and soul».

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