ITCOMMS, the Asian Division of 2L, Held a PR Saturday for IT Companies in Yerevan ⋆ 2L

ITCOMMS, the Asian Division of 2L, Held a PR Saturday for IT Companies in Yerevan


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Last weekend, August 20, our Asian team – ITCOMMS communication platform – held an educational meet-up named PR Saturday for IT companies and Startups in Yerevan. The event was supported by Invest in Armenia, an investment consulting company. The event focused on sharing experiences and networking for executives, marketing experts, and all those interested in promoting their companies and products both within the country and abroad. Almost two dozen Armenian IT companies attended the event. 

ITCOMMS team explained how PR helps businesses win over the market, presented real-life cases to provide examples, and held a question-and-answer session. Participants learned some tips and tricks for working with Influencers, what goals can be achieved via media publications, and how offline events can boost brand awareness.

They also touched upon the key differences between PR and marketing. If the latter is geared toward promoting and selling a particular product, the former aims at creating and maintaining a positive image of the whole company.

«We managed to use our first-hand experience to demonstrate that PR is quantifiable and can be measured by several metrics. We felt it was important not only to share the experience but also to explain the mechanisms of PR so that each company could use them in their daily operations. Armenian IT companies have enormous potential for expanding into foreign markets. So we and our twenty years of expertise in PR for IT just could not remain indifferent – many more unicorn startups will appear in the country, and all of them will need PR to develop and grow», said Anastasia Komissarova, Head of Business Development at ITCOMMS. 

The attendees took a keen interest in the nuances of PR for IT companies and asked the ITCOMMS experts innumerable questions, with the Q&A session lasting for almost an hour. The event wrapped up with a networking session and a buffet party. The conversations were cordial and informative, and the organizers received a lot of positive feedback.

@Zdavyz: «Yes, they did it! And it was beautiful! Everything has been super cool and, more importantly, extremely well organized. It was also quite enlightening, I’ve learned a lot about PR.»

Such positive feedback and the genuine interest of all PR Saturday attendees prove that promotion is a hot topic for IT companies in the Armenian market. The country is seeing lots of strong startups cropping up, while they in turn are rapidly growing and taking great interest in expanding their businesses abroad.  Our colleagues from ITCOMMS have launched a series of meet-ups to help these businesses figure out the intricacies of communication strategies, including those related to expanding into international markets.

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