Influencer Marketing ⋆ 2L

Influencer Marketing

What it may include:

  • Turnkey projects with bloggers (YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, VK, FB)
  • Creative concept creation
  • Video and photo content production
  • Copywriting
  • Analytics and consulting

Example of a project with influencers

How We Effectively Stimulated Demand for an Expensive Acer Product


Generate demand and drive high-conversion traffic to a selling web-page


The product we were tasked to promote, belongs the high-end price segment. It's a challenge to position the category value to owners of powerful desktop PCs.


We hand-picked the top influencers for high-income target audiences and created a project to highlight product value through native integrations. The most influential lifestyle and gaming bloggers created video content which was uncharacteristic for them, highlighting USPs which meant the most for their lifestyle and made their lives easier. Each video contained a link to the selling webpage, which was additionally spoken about by each blogger.


aggregated video views

300 000

clicks to partner websites and e-store

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