Anti-crisis Communications ⋆ 2L

Anti-crisis Communications

What they may include:

  • Creation of an algorithm of actions in a crisis
  • Creation of an individual anti-crisis folder
  • Action plan workout for the event of a crisis
  • Copywriting
  • Consulting
  • Monitoring and analytics
  • Crisis workout

Example of an anti-crisis strategy

Toshiba Is (Not) Leaving Russia Using the example of an anti-crisis case with Toshiba, we will tell you how the company faced a crisis situation and got out of it with profit.


the company speaker gave an interview to one of the Top3 business publications in Russia; the final article came out with an incorrect interpretation, without being agreed with the speaker. As a result, other media, including foreign ones, read the article as “Toshiba is leaving the Russian market,” and the news sell like hotcakes, becoming critical for the company since its status in the eyes of its key partners suddenly became unstable. Our task was to respond in no time to the event and minimize image risks.


the situation had already happened; the company did not have an algorithm for dealing with a crisis.


within 24 hours, we wrote a detailed algorithm of actions where the first step was sending a refutation letter. Next, we carried out targeted work with each media in which the refutation was not published so that it would come out later. The final step was mailing a letter with a personal message of the company CEO to the media, in which he emphasized that the company is open to communication with the media and each request from them would be processed within 24 hours.


despite the unpleasant situation, we managed to find a common language and establish communication with the publication that became the source of incorrect news. As a result of sending refutation letters and addressing the media, the company's positive image has grown, journalists have become more loyal to the company; requests for interviews on other topics were received from seven business media outlets from the Top3 list. The algorithm developed for responding to a crisis situation continued its life in the company, taking a place next to a fire extinguisher and a first-aid kit.

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