Creative, design, video production ⋆ 2L

Creative, design, video production

What it may include:

  • Сreative strategy development
  • Presentation design
  • Online advertising materials (banners, prerolls, etc.)
  • Printed advertising materials (booklets, flyers, roll-ups, etc.)
  • Infographics
  • Videos of any format

Example of a creative project

How to use a creative idea to engage the audience during the product launch


Launch of a new product - HyperX Fury DDR4 RGB RAM


The product has an updated design (new radiators), but retains the technical characteristics of the previous version. HyperX RGB-backlit memory kits have faced powerful competition.


To draw attention to the new product, we decided to develop an interactive mindfulness quest game on the sites of popular IT bloggers. We made a word of 4 letters, and each letter should quietly appear for 20 seconds in the video of one of the 4 bloggers. Each blogger under the video had a link to the video of the next blogger, in which it was necessary to search for the next letter. Combining the integration of new memory in the assembly along with the announcement of the game caused a positive reaction from users. Users had to enter the guessed word into a special Google form, which was located on an attractive and informative landing page. Thus, all those interested could simultaneously get more information about the new product and find out where to purchase the new product, and we were able to track the conversion goals of the audience that switched to the landing page and use this database of highly motivated participants for remarketing.

4 143


570 000

Video views

8 520

Clicks to landing page

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