Content Marketing ⋆ 2L

Content Marketing

What it may include:

  • Management of a turnkey content project (on, Yandex.Zen, company website, etc.)
  • Working with experts within the client's company
  • Copywriting
  • Monitoring and analytics

Example of a project

Content Marketing for Western Digital: Delivering A Crucial News to The Right Audience


Grow awareness of the rebranded HHD product line for businesses among channel buyers


After the merger with Hitachi, Western Digital launched the first rebranded HDD product line, Western Digital Ultrastar. Western Digital was cautious that the change in naming would impact the sales figured if channel buyers in the datacenter segment did not recognize the new name and eventually change the HDD supplier.


We decided to communicate the change through storytelling. We packed the news into an engaging story about Western Digital's corporate milestones, covering the arrival of Western Digital Ultrastar as one of them. We chose as the core medium for the publications, since it reaches out to the most part of our target audience. The article was written in the formal of the editorial material and contained links to Western Digital's owned product web resources covering the HDD's technical characteristics and use cases. In order to boost the reach of the story, we employed programmatic advertising, collected the 'warmed-up' audience for retargeting and directed them to a sales offering via Facebook ads. Also, we directly addressed the T channel through sponsored email blasts with TAdviser and ComNews – the most prominent Russian channel/datacenter media.

30 000

reads of the article

24 M

OTS of the article announcement through Programmatic


search volume increase for the model throughout the project

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