We have been working with corporate, marketing and HR communications since 2002. The 2L portfolio has accumulated both large nation wide campaigns combining the most advanced PR and marketing tools, as well as niche special projects targeted at a narrow B2B audience.
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Examples of projects

Musical smartphone ZTE Axon 7
To position the flagship of the product line as a musical smartphone, to pull away from competitors.

All materials devoted to the new smartphone should have been related to music. To announce the new smartphone, we held a press conference with a piano concerto from China on the brand's social network pages — FB and VK. In June 2016, we organized a press tour of top IT journalists and bloggers for the launch of the smartphone in Europe (Paris), where a DJ show was also held. To increase brand awareness at the start of sales, surveys and tests were organized in leading IT, lifestyle and business publications (RBC Style, Gazeta, Life, and a number of others), each of which focused on the sound quality in the device. To reach a wide audience, Axon7 was integrated into the top YouTube channels, in particular, the first musical Versus Battle was played with a beat from a ZTE smartphone, popular Instagram singer Manizha shot a video and composed a cover of Tchaikovsky with Axon7, etc.

The total coverage of the Axon 7 campaign was over 22,000,000 users. The first Versus with ZTE "beat" became a YouTube trend and reached
Ricoh: "We have found the reason for queues!"
Supporting the sales launch of the new line of Ricoh SP 400 printing equipment – monochrome A4 laser printers for small work groups.

After analyzing the target audience, we found that entrepreneurs postpone upgrading office equipment in the BMS segment, considering this to be a cost. To change this firm belief, we launched a promo campaign in which we presented outdated equipment as the reason for queues. The campaign was based on a large-scale study that resulted in the release of infographics and videos explaining how outdated equipment leads to queues and disgruntled customers. The solution to the problem is to upgrade the printing equipment. The communicative message was delivered by means of both standard PR channels (news and articles in the press) and using targeted advertising on social networks and on YouTube, as well as customized content created specifically for representatives of the IT channel, and targeted for them on Facebook.

Total visitors to the landing page: 35,300 (116% KPI).
Referrals to partner sites: 4,400 (147% KPI).
Conversion rate: 12%, which is significantly higher than the average in the same area. The most important result for the clients' business was a significant increase in product sales and growth in customer interest in upgrading technical equipment. As a result of the campaign, the number of search queries for Ricoh SP 400 models has more than tripled (according to Yandex.Wordstat).
    Promotional campaign
    HyperX product sales promotion

    A promotional campaign was launched during Halloween under an agreement with resellers of Ulmart and DNS: "hellish discounts" of 666 rubles for specified models of headsets. To support the promotion, we conducted a full-fledged advertising campaign aimed at attracting the target audience to the landing pages of the promotional campaign, which included:
    branding of gaming sites: Dota2.ru, Stopgame.ru;
    holding contests on gaming sites: Goha.ru, Dota2.ru;
    contests on YouTube channels: TheWarpath, Dmitriy Landstop;
    seeded placement in popular game publics on VKontakte;
    seeded placement in the Telegram messenger.
    Each material contained vibrant descriptions and photos of products, as well as a call-to-action — to take advantage of the "hellish discount."

    100% increase in sales of promotional products;
    the campaign reached 4,597,722 views and 30,548 links to landing pages on the DNS and Ulmart websites.
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