It's cool to be yourself! Show your uniqueness with Logitech Pop ⋆ 2L

It’s cool to be yourself! Show your uniqueness with Logitech Pop


Word has it that teamwork makes the dream work. It was quite a challenge to carry out that project because we tried to cover every popular social network there is. Besides, it was not simple to catch the last native ad bus at the very end of the year. However, we accomplished all goals, and had lots of great fun by working as a team, sharing, and discussing ideas with like-minded people.

Our goal was to create a promotional campaign aimed at Generation Z for vivid computer peripherals in the new Logitech POP line-up.

At the early stage, we assembled a creative group of zoomers we work with to brainstorm various ideas. We were joined by our colleagues from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Vladivostok, and even Barcelona and Bali in a conference call.

By the end of the meeting, we had pointed out two main ideas that later became the basis for our future PR campaign:

  1. Self-expression. It is one of the basic needs of modern man. Whereas Generation Z considers freedom of self-expression to be one of its core values. (There are lots of references proving this statement, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs being the most significant one.)
  2. 2021 was not an easy year. It saw the ongoing trend of a large scale transition to remote workplaces, and hence depressions as two thirds of the Russian citizens went through emotional burn-out (according to the data provided by Romir Research Holding), and are likely to continue experiencing it in 2022.

By merging these two ideas together we later came up with a motto “Being yourself is cool!”. We wanted our target audience to feel that one can be anything, that individuality can be unleashed not only through clothes, accessories, and hairstyle but also through creative workspace. Choose Logitech POP keyboard and mouse in а color scheme that matches your personality. Surround yourself with positive vibes and share them with the people around.

Zoomers spend around 5 hours online daily, primarily on social networks (according to Adindex). 71% support diversity and want to see it in ads. They do not want to see celebrities with perfect bodies, expensive cars and luxurious mansions, but rather ordinary people of different skin and hair color, weight and height; they subscribe to bloggers to get an everyday dose of inspiration and to have a role model they can look up to (Morning Consult).

These facts left no chances to other media, so we decided to launch the campaign on social networks where any blogger can easily share their bright lifestyle and individuality, be it a seasoned mega-popular content-creator or an aspiring newcomer to Instagram or TikTok.

As soon as we defined the central idea of our promotional campaign and chose the key platforms, the team experienced an influx of creativity. We had heated debates over the reason of why so many of us buy colorful and quirky clothes. Is it because we seek to stand out in the crowd? So why not try and attract others’ attention with such devices like a computer keyboard or a mouse. They are a part of our identity, our style, our workspace, and our personal life. Do you like scruffy jeans and lurid T-shirts? So why not add color and novelty onto your desk with Logitech POP peripherals?

Thus, we partnered with the incredible @vika_dall who created an amazing dress made from keyboard keycaps. “It is important for my workspace to inspire me. I fill it with vibrant details that cheer me up and ignite my imagination. My new Logitech POP Keys keyboard became such a detail. It is available in three slick color combinations: I chose DAYDREAM”.

Our view of life and ideas are so congenial that we nearly burst into tears of joy when we found her Instagram! Here is what @vika_dall writes about herself:

Everything is possible in this world. Any of your fantasies can come true, and these are not just words. In my work, I explore the theory of the materiality of thinking. Each work starts with a crazy idea, then I set the task to bring it to life without Photoshop and computer graphics…
…Each job is a challenge to yourself and this world, proof that there are no boundaries, boundaries are only in your head. And you choose to live in a gray world of laws and algorithms or in a world of wonders that defy logic and explanation.

We got another idea for an advertising integration when we were discussing anxiety and moodiness everyone feels before New Year. When another gray day comes and goes, one is overwhelmed with tasks, expiring deadlines, and has no inner drive to carry on. And even such creative people as fashion designers, musicians, and artists deal with their own routine. Like everybody else they can feel burnt-out, get lost in the daily grind and may consider their job boring and mundane. And then we imagined changing our regular peripherals to those of Logitech POP line-up which filled us with positive emotions and transformed any task to magic and art. One of our bloggers expressed similar thoughts: “I spend a lot of time in front of my computer, and I realized long ago that comfort, elegance and usability of a device have great impact on my work.

After all, workplace is where we spend most of our time, and making it comfortable means improving one’s productivity and well-being”. @akkizuki

And so, our team came up with one creative idea for integrations after another and discovered perfect bloggers to make them reality. It was like solving an engaging matching puzzle.


Promotion of the new series of PC peripherals Logitech POP among the Generation Z target audience
Developing of sustainable image for the accessories as “devices for self-expression”


We enlisted 24 bold and remarkable Internet personalities from big stars like @klavacoca or @egorkaship_official to lesser known influencers with intriguing idea behind the blog like @paveletskaya and @vika_dall.

Everyone of them integrated Logitech POP devices into their daily life showing how the vivid accessories can transform their owner’s experience and perception and help express oneself the way the are and want to be.

Photos and videos of creative integrations were released on Instagram and TikTok.

Every advertising integration was thought out to its tiniest detail and reflected the main concept of the PR campaign in each influencer’s native format. Every native ad included a link to the product’s landing page, where user could get more familiar with the devices and buy them.

Achieved goals and KPIs based on launch results:

Alongside the achieved KPIs we got overwhelmingly positive feedback from our target audience. In their comments to the posts, users emphasized the cool idea behind the devices, the quality of the native ad, and expressed their desire to buy the product as it hit their hearts.

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